The Authority Site System Review

Authority Site System Review 2022, Is This The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

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There are a lot of affiliate marketing schemes available on the internet. Some of them are worthwhile and others promise things that they cannot deliver. In fact, many of these programs cannot make you a millionaire overnight. But what about The Authority Site System? Does it teach you to do achievable affiliate marketing?

The Authority Site System (TASS) is an online course that shows subscribers to the program how to build a website that hosts content for one topic that they are passionate about. It also teaches them how to:

  • Brand their website
  • Outsource content
  • Analyze their progress

Among all the affiliate marketing courses, TASS gives you the nitty-gritty skills for actual passive income building and it sets realistic expectations for what is achievable. Probably the most daunting thing about the course is that it does not claim that this is easy, which means that if you want to do this, you have to work hard at it. Keep reading this review to learn about TASS and whether the program is a good fit for you.

Is The Authority Site System the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

There are a lot of affiliate marketing courses available online that describe a legion of approaches to creating a passive income. If you have been researching this for a while, or have even tried one of the other courses, you have probably discovered one or more of many possible faults:

  • The training material did not give you enough information
  • You were left to flounder through the technical aspects of setting up a website
  • You were given unrealistic expectations

The Authority Site System is different. Through TASS, the expectation from the beginning is that you will have to work hard in order to achieve the income that you want. In fact, TASS says explicitly from the outset that you are looking at a six to twelve-month process to build up your passive income. In other words, you are in this for the long haul.

But TASS does not leave you to flounder, and this is one of the things that makes the course so valuable. They put you through their systematic training, which builds your knowledge and skill set in both technical and strategic areas. Finally, with a boots-on-the-ground support team and an active Facebook forum, you are not without additional help from people who have been in your shoes.

What Does TASS Teach You to Do?

The Authority Site System is the training course that teaches you how to build, market, and execute an Authority Hacker Website. Authority sites are built around one niche topic, and they market themselves as the authority on that topic. The websites then become a platform for linkable content or the sale of items related to the niche topic.

There is a lot to uncover about The Authority Site System and this article is going to look at:

  • Who this training course is for and who it is not for
  • Who the founders are and why their hands-on approach makes the training course especially effective
  • A comprehensive overview of the training course, taking a lot at its components and uncovering just how much information TASS offers

So buckle up and get ready to learn everything you need to know about The Authority Site System.

Authority Site System Cost

As you read through, bear in mind that the cost for all that follows is $997 with no recurring payments and lifetime access to their members-only community on Facebook. This price may change over time, but is correct at the time of writing.

Who is The Training Course Aimed At?

If you have spent time with other affiliate marketing schemes, you have learned to be cautious when someone says, “it is so simple anyone can do it!” The reality is that anything in life that is worth having takes effort and a knowledge base to get it.

The Authority Site System is very upfront about the fact that this process takes time and effort. Passive income describes how the income stream works, not the people who are generating it. So what kind of people is TASS aimed at?

Before you get into the details down below there is one determining factor that will make your life a little easier as you grind away for your first several months: You need to be passionate about a subject, any subject.

The basic strategy of Authority Hacker is that they help you build a website that focuses on a single issue. What will get you through that tough slog at the beginning is if you are passionate about that issue above all others. Having the carrot of being able to produce content about your favorite thing will be reliable motivation.

TASS is for Beginners

If you have seen people with passive income streams and have wanted to do what they do, but do not know where to start, this training course is for you.

The Authority Site System goes into every conceivable detail of building a website and learning how to:

  • Find a market
  • Build a website
  • Strategize your approach
  • Analyze your progress

This all sounds overwhelming, but it is achievable as long as you stick to the course material and put the effort into it.

TASS is for Developers

If you want not only to start one website, but develop several more, then The Authority Site System is for you. This model is meant to be added to and built upon and gives you the chance to do so by giving you a starting place.

Once you have gone through the program and developed a website that is a consistent, reliable stream of income, you can choose to:

  • Keep and develop more websites to increase your income, or
  • Sell and develop another website to build up and sell as well

If you are interested in either one of these approaches, TASS is the means by which you can achieve that goal.

The Authority Site System is for People Who Have Failed

If you have tried another affiliate marketing scheme and failed, you are probably the person who is likely to benefit the most.

The in-depth training and active support team are all ready to help you in the areas where other systems have left you hanging through either lackluster support or insufficient knowledge.

TASS is Not for Some People

There are two types of people who would probably not do well with the kind of approach that The Authority Site System takes:

  • People who want to put short-term effort into receiving a long-term payout
  • People who are not passionate about a subject, but just want the income

There are people for whom the short term is everything. They will go for the short-term proposition because they just have to try it. If this is you, TASS is probably not going to be your thing.

Also, there are people who may not have a subject they can be passionate about. They just want a site that makes them money. If you are not passionate about a single subject, then TASS may not be for you. You will need something other than money to motivate you during the tough-slog months.

The Founders of TASS and Why Their Approach Matters

Gael Breton and Mark Webster started Authority Hacker in 2013 and since then they have been developing and running their own Authority Hacker websites. From Normandy and Scotland respectively, Breton and Webster give no credence to the old adage that teachers teach the thing they cannot do successfully.

Breton and Webster know a lot about their process because they engage in it again and again and make it work across a variety of topics, which means they have also become proficient at the difficulties each individual topic or niche can present.

In 2019, the two founders garnered attention by selling for six figures a website that they had developed over the course of 18 months. In short, Breton and Webster know the process because they do the process over and over again.

The Support Team

The support team of TASS is a big part of making the training course work for you, so Breton and Webster have designed the team differently than other companies. They do not outsource this job as many companies do.

Rather, they have a team of pros who are engaged in various types of marketing for the company they represent. So when you ask a team member to help you with something, they are able to do that because they are using the same tactics themselves. So they are good at helping because they are pros at doing it.

The Training Course and How It Works

Now it is time to deep dive into the training course and find out what all is involved, what it can do for you, and the effort you will have to put into it.

The training course is broken up into 15 modules that contain 150 videos that give you in-depth training from the basics all the way up to advanced tactics. That is an incredible amount of material. In fact, it is a bit overwhelming to think about.

To make it a little easier to manage, you can compile the modules into the following categories:

  • Introduction to Authority Hacker and how their business model works
  • All About Niches
  • Your Website from planning to branding
  • Getting ready for content, creating content, and publishing content
  • Putting your website into action
  • Advanced tactics and bonus material

That is a lot of information right there, but those are just categories. There are between 1 and 4 modules in each category, which means that training is a commitment. That said, read on to see what is involved in the modules of each category.

Introduction to Authority Hacker

There is one module in this category and the emphasis of it is on how to use the system’s website, how to budget for this venture, and on the foundational principles upon which Authority Hacker websites are built.

You will be guided through the basic business model and discover how these websites make money. You will be given very specific business models to follow for your website. You will learn affiliate marketing and SEO basics as well. This knowledge will be critical later on.

All About Niches

If you are going to build a website based on something you are passionate about, you need to know how to monetize that passion so that it becomes an income for you. So the training course takes time to develop your idea to make sure it is something that is workable.

So when coming to this course it is best to have a few ideas that you are passionate about. You might be able to refine certain ones to a workable niche, but others might not be usable. There are two modules within this category that explore:

  • How to find niches
  • How to refine your niches to the ones that are workable

Read on to get into the details of these two modules and discover what you need to know.

How to Find Niches

The first module on this topic helps you find a niche that you can work with. But this process is involved, and The Authority Site System goes into a lot of detail about this foundational step because you want to find a niche that has the most potential for your website.

A niche cannot be too narrow or too broad, so this module develops:

  • How to know what is a good niche in general and what is a good niche for you
  • How to research workable niches while using things that you are good at uncovering a niche that will work for you
  • The similarities and differences between website marketplaces and content marketplaces
  • How to use affiliate networks and affiliate tracking domains

There is even more than the module goes into, but you can see that this is quite a lot to digest. It is informative, but the information is geared toward action. Specifically, make your list of niches and then go through stage one of short-listing.

How to Shortlist Your Niches

The next module takes you deeper into niche research with the kind of legwork that will garner you a lot of information about the niches you are considering. In particular, you are tasked with finding the following information about different niches:

  • Sites that have a lot of organic traffic
  • Social communities
  • Opportunities to link
  • Affiliate programs
  • Keywords that are not highly used

In addition to the things above, you will also be required to assess the following things:

  • The credibility of different niches
  • Their viability for cost per click
  • Their growth potential and dependency on seasonal interest

You will also be guided through three more stages of short-listing your niches until you come up with the final group. From those, you will choose what niche will work best for you.

Your Website from Planning to Branding

Next, the course guides you through everything you need to know about your website, from the technical details of how to build to marketing strategies of how to brand it.

One of the many benefits of having done all the research that you have done is that you have a lot of information about the ins and outs of website and marketing that you can now apply to your own website.

Planning What Your Website Will Be Like

Developing a plan for your website is not just about scratching down some notes of what you would really like. It is a detailed plan that you will probably refer to as long as the website is yours.

This module discusses how to make just such a plan and goes into detail on:

  • Developing your list of competitors
  • Two videos on researching monetization
  • Two videos on keywords
  • A final part on content

Notice that planning your website is based on what you want it to do and streamlining it to achieve what you want it to achieve.

Developing Your Website

This takes you through the whole process and creates a website from nothing to a fully functional site, minus the content. This content is discussed and developed in future modules.

But everything functional that you need to know about making a website is in this module and includes:

  • Domain names
  • Hosting
  • Google search console
  • Elementor Pro
  • WordPress

This training also goes into tech terrain and examines all the abbreviations and words that mean nothing to anyone who is not a tech guru, such as

  • Rank Math SEO
  • SSL
  • Google Analytics

Finally, it will help you set up:

  • The theme of your website
  • Email

The great thing about this portion of the training is that The Authority is the authority, and it proves this by building an actual website in real time as you follow along and apply what they show you to what you are doing. It does not get any more step-by-step than this.

How to Make Your Website a Brand

This module takes you through everything you need to know about making your website a brand. You get into how to choose:

  • A favicon
  • A logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts

You also learn how to:

  • Make images that are branded
  • Put your brand in action

Once you get through the previous three modules, you will know everything you need to know about building your website, and you will also have material that you can reference later on.

Putting Content on Your Website

Now that you have developed all the mechanics of your website and put the skin on it in the form of themes and colors, you can start to develop content.

All the varieties of content that your website needs are developed over the course of the next four modules. This is where you need to stay sharp with your writing skills. But if you do not have any writing skills, there is no need to worry. The Authority Site System can teach you that too.

Setting up the Structure

This module has to do with setting up the pages and posts on the website where your content will be placed. So you have to get the structure down before you can put anything on it.

You will learn a variety of different things about site structure:

  • Header and Footer building
  • Home page
  • Hub pages
  • Contact page
  • About page

These are all the standard pages you would expect to find on a website. In fact, you probably get frustrated if you cannot find them. These pages have worked their way into our expectations of what a website should be.

Getting Ready for Informational Content

This is not the exciting part where you get to actually write the content. It is the part where you learn how to prepare to write the content. You probably noticed by now that a lot of what you learn is how to prepare for what you are going to do.

That is, this method is so good at what it does. It demands preparation and hard work because once you have done that, the design or, in this case, the content that you put on the structure you have prepared will be that much more effective.

Writing the Content

Not that you have prepared for the content you are going to put up on your website, you can put the content on your website. While this may be the most exciting part for some, this may also be the most daunting part for others. Good writing does not come naturally. It is a skill like any other. Thankfully, The Authority helps you with that too.

This module will provide you with templates that you can follow in writing the content for your websites. It will show you how to research what you want to write about, as well as how to write it.

You will get writing templates and instruction on how to work with a basic writing form where you create an:

  • Intro
  • Body
  • Outro

Then, of course, you sit down and write out the content that your website needs. But that is not the end of writing.

Uploading Your Content for Maximum Optimization

Leaving no stone unturned, this module helps you to get the most of your content by showing you how to upload it so that it has everything it needs to pop and shine.

In order to accomplish this, the module is all about showing you what your article needs in order to be effective, including things like:

  • A title
  • Social title
  • Meta title
  • Internal and external links
  • Images
  • WP categories
  • Meta descriptions

Some of these words might mean something to you and some of them might not. That does not matter because The Authority Site System will help you sort it all out.

Putting Your Website into Action

There are three modules in this category that help you put some wheels on your website and gas in its tank. All the things that you learn prior to this are great. You can craft a sharp website with brilliant content. But now you need to start using that content to make money.

This is where the next two modules are pure gold (pun intended) because they teach you how to do two critical tasks:

  • Build a link
  • Create an affiliate program

Mastering these two things will start your journey down the long road to a passive income stream.

Building Links

The best thing that can be said about this module is that you have no idea how much is involved in links. It really is kind of mind-blowing that there is so much information about something that seems pretty simple.

But as it turns out, simple is one thing that building links is not. When you learn how to make links work for your website, you are learning about:

  • Haro
  • Guest Posting
  • Sky Scrapper
  • Cross-niching

If that seems completely manageable, do not be deceived. There are about four or five sub-points of instruction under the first three categories listed above. Yes, that is a lot about links.

Your Affiliate Program

Once you have mastered everything, you could know about links. Your final job as a beginner is to build your affiliate program. In this section you will learn:

  • The nuts and bolts of creating an affiliate program, and how you want affiliates to sign up
  • Affiliate rules, payouts, and disclosure
  • How to use Amazon
  • How to manage your links

Apart from learning still more about links, this module is the equivalent of grad school on affiliate programs, giving you the practical ins and outs and everything else you need to know about managing your affiliate program.

Creating Commercial Content

In this module, you learn how to write content specifically for making money. It differs from informational content because this content has dollar signs for eyes.

This module will teach you about all the things you did for basic informational writing, but apply it to commercial writing. It will give you templates of information on how to write:

  • Product sections
  • Buyers guides
  • Product reviews
  • Versus articles
  • Round-up reviews
  • Single reviews

This is nuts and bolts writing and if you master it, these content pieces will be that much more effective when you get them in front of readers.

The Final Two Modules

These last modules are referred to on The Authority Site System’s sales page as giving you advanced tips and bonus material.

This includes instruction on how to outsource content including:

  • Hiring and managing writers
  • Getting better at writing yourself
  • Using surfer to optimize content

Finally, you will get even more material, tactics, and strategies about how to become an authority and be a prominent figure in the niche that you are passionate about.

The Authority Site System Alternative

While I love TASS, they’re not the only guys who can teach you how to make successful authority websites. The Income School team of Ricky, Jim and the rest also have a great internet marketing course over at Project 24. You can read our Project 24 review here.

Authority Site System Review, Conclusion

There is also an Authority Hacker Pro course that is for more advanced users. If you are new to the world of monetized content and affiliate marketing programs, you need to use the Authority Site System.

The program will take you from knowing nothing about creating a passive income and having nothing to work with to a fully functional website. Once the website is up and running, you can streamline and refine to get that passive income you have always wanted.

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