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ClickFunnels Review 2022 – Are these Marketing Funnels Worth the Money?

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If you are looking for a way to bring your business to the next level, you may want to consider a marketing funnel. The below will be reviewing ClickFunnels and deciding whether or not it is worth the price. ClickFunnels is an internet e-guide system that walks you step-by-step on how to build a website-based sales funnel.

If you are looking for a way to elevate your business, ClickFunnels is the way to go. With there being several alternatives on the market, ClickFunnels stands out by far and is worth the money.

Running a successful business requires constant attention to improvement and new ways to diversify. Marketing funnels can help identify weak spots in your business model and ultimately result in driving more sales. Read on for a comprehensive guide to marketing funnels and ClickFunnels specifically, as well as its features and benefits.

What Are Marketing Funnels?

A marketing funnel is a guide of stages that will draw a customer to making a sale. The funnel is used as a representation from the moments of informing people of your product or service to the point of conversion, in a way that “funnels” through people to reach a new customer.

A marketing funnel looks like this and will bring a customer through five stages:

AwarenessInforming people of your brand/product/service
ConsiderationCreating an awareness of the market and competition
DesireThe customer feels a need
ConsiderationCreating an awareness of the market and competition
ActionPurchase is made
LoyaltyRepeat purchases and advocacy

Each level of a marketing funnel has different action items businesses can use to interact with them at that stage. The benefit to having laid out stages is that it allows for transparency into what is working and what is not working within each stage.

For example, if you are getting a lot of traffic and not the sales you are hoping for, there could be areas of improvement in the consideration or “desire” piece of the model. Now that you have identified the issue, you know where to focus your time.

Website vs. Funnel

You might be wondering what makes a marketing funnel any different than a website. Objectively, a marketing funnel sounds like it could be an overcomplicated type of website.

After diving into the benefits of marketing funnels, you will see their importance over a website in today’s age.


Websites are starting to become an idea of the past. If you are putting the time into creating a digital presence, most people hope to use it as a way to earn by offering something. However, a website will make it difficult to do so.

Websites are often dead ends. They have many features, things to look at, things to click on, but not a clear vision. The point of sale becomes lost in the mix of the noise in the website, leaving the customer confused.

Websites are a missed opportunity for a sale. They can bring a potential customer in and get them excited about something, but with no space to take action. Websites create a space for a sale but often miss the mark.


Marketing funnels, on the other hand, create a space for a sale. They allow a customer to live out the fulfillment created. A video on the ClickFunnels website describes the importance in today’s age to give the customer an entire experience, rather than only your product or service.

A marketing funnel turns a seemingly simple exchange for the customer into a full experience, whether they realize it or not. Entrepreneurs and marketers can put in loads of hard work behind the scenes to create a seamless experience that engages someone to the point of purchase.

Funnel Fundamentals

Sales and Marketing funnels can be useful to any entrepreneur. The sooner you decide to begin working with ClickFunnels, the sooner your business will take off.

When creating a successful funnel, there are necessary key elements. Three of the most important factors to a good sales funnel are:

  • Product
  • Someone to pitch the product
  • A funnel

Once you know what service or product you would like to offer and you identify your ideal customer, it is time to build the funnel. The first two components are all that you need, ClickFunnels does the rest of the heavy lifting for you. You will be amazed by how much money and time you will save. This money can then be spent on other areas of the business.


Kudos to ClickFunnels for their beautifully designed main page. Every piece of information about ClickFunnels is impactful. There are so many live examples and resources that answer some of the most common questions.

At first glance at their website, you can tell that one of the big objectives of ClickFunnels is providing ease. My attention was caught by an impactful quote that stated “Quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers.” It was also emphasized that you are able to accomplish all of this without a tech team. Talk about simplifying the process.

Upon scrolling, you see that the website highlights statistics showing data about the scope and reach of ClickFunnels. The website boasts 111,000 users, 1.7B contacts, 8.7M funnels, and $11.4 billion processed. As a customer, this speaks to the credibility of the product being able to see the numbers behind the success.

Overall, it was relatively easy to learn about ClickFunnels and get a better understanding of the purpose of the service. There was a good balance between information and creating a need. ClickFunnels website on its own is an example of a successful sales funnel in action.

About ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has been able to help thousands of customers by improving the efficiency of their businesses. Streamlining marketing and sales into an organized system will result in you having more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Some of ClickFunnels highlighted benefits that we can attest to are:

  • Updated CRM
  • Improve membership software on your page
  • Change affiliate software
  • Make coding easy
  • Marketing automation
  • Easy, meaningful web pages

Not all marketing funnels are created equally. ClickFunnels is one of the best on the market, thanks to their various features. Let ClickFunnels add some ease into your life and watch your sales conversion rates grow.

ClickFunnels Services

With other options on the market, ClickFunnels stands out among the competition by far. They offer so much bang for their buck. By simplifying the web design process, stress is removed on your end and allows you to be more in the driver’s seat.

ClickFunnels offers three impactful services:

  • ClickFunnels Editor
  • Follow-Up Funnels
  • Backpack

With ClickFunnels providing you with these tools, you will watch your business grow quickly right in front of your eyes. These three features will be discussed in more detail in the sections below.


Website editing and design is the primary feature ClickFunnels offers. A highly functioning web page is a sales funnel’s backbone and is needed to execute almost any other feature a funnel could offer. A web page that has a visually appealing design and provides an easy experience for the customer is crucial to gaining traffic.

Creating and managing a website can be very time-consuming and can often come with a steep learning curve. Not to mention, the cost of hiring professionals to build a functioning business website is not low.

ClickFunnels highlights that they make it as easy as picking a template and dragging it where you want it. From there, you are able to add easy customizations like color and logo and can easily decide to go live with your site from there. Updates can also be made at any point to reflect any changes to your strategy or preferences.

Depending on your business model, one type of funnel will benefit your business more than another. ClickFunnels offers a survey to point you in the right direction for creating your funnel. Below are just a few of the templates that ClickFunnels can help you create:

  • Sales pages
  • Up-sell pages
  • Order form pages
  • Membership sites
  • Webinar templates

Through a model on ClickFunnels’ website, they show you how you can turn the skeleton of a website or sales funnel into a fully finished product. The way that they do it is by highlighting different building blocks and making them simple:

SectionsThe backmost layout on which other pieces of information will be added
RowsThe layer above sections used to manipulate the formatting of sections
ColumnsUsed in conjunction with columns, formatting tool
ElementsThe layer above rows that allows you to add a personal touch to your site

The website editing features that ClickFunnels offers are almost enough to want to choose ClickFunnels over competitors. Website editing used to be a difficult skill to master, but ClickFunnels has made the process so smooth and uncomplicated. Your website will look like it was created professionally.

Follow-Up Funnel

Most other options on the market only offer website editing and design. ClickFunnels goes above and beyond by loading their service up with additional features.

The nature of a follow-up funnel is to increase exposure to lead to a sale. By following up, you are increasing the level of exposure someone has to your product. The more exposure someone has, the more likely they are to turn into a customer at some point.

Part of the magic in follow-ups is that the visitor does not even need to be on their computer or phone and actively searching. You are able to re-enter the customer’s mind at any place and time through an acutely targeted message.

Follow-ups allow a way for a business to stay connected with a customer or future customer. They serve as a reminder to let someone know that there is still great value waiting for the customer at the other end of the transaction. With the right follow-up funnels, you will be converting more visitors to customers than you thought was possible.


Backpack is also a key selling point of ClickFunnels. Backpack is an affiliate marketing program that is offered in addition to the already loaded list of features. Affiliate marketing is typically another vital business function that would be outsourced using different software or consultants. Keep in mind that Backpack is only a feature offered in the Platinum Plan, which will be discussed below.

Affiliate programs are essential because they bring in traffic through word of mouth. Affiliates are third-party consultants that sell your product or service for you. Affiliate marketing is an effective way of marketing because the affiliate is paid a commission at the point of the sale. This type of marketing allows you to take out some of the risks involved with investing in advertising before making the sale.

The way that ClickFunnels has integrated affiliate marketing into backpack is by allowing you to add a different program to every funnel you have through them. After adding the feature, Backpack will track the analytics of your business for you. Backpack will also take a load off of your expense tracking. Each affiliate will instead, be automatically accounted for and receive their commission.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Pricing is the only potential drawback of ClickFunnels. Ultimately, the amount of money you will generate from using ClickFunnels will pay for your subscription and more. However, for someone just starting and taking a risk, the price is a bit steep.

It is nice that ClickFunnels has two plan options to use depending on your needs. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will get a 14-day free trial to ClickFunnels. Free trials are always a helpful feature. A good free trial should also be long enough to let the customer make a mostly accurate judgment of the product. ClickFunnels bills on a monthly plan and has two options:

  • Basic Plan: $97/month
  • Premium Plan: $297/month

It is also good to note that ClickFunnels has zero commitment for any period. Being able to avoid the obligation allows you to have more control over things. You can take comfort in knowing that if you decide to cancel at any time, for any reason, that you are able to easily.

Basic Plan

The ClickFunnels basic plan allows you to create your sales funnels to convert visitors into customers. For $97 a month you can get access to the entire basic package of ClickFunnels The types of funnels that the basic plan gives you the ability to build are:

  • Membership sites
  • Sales funnels
  • Optin funnels
  • Product launches
  • Auto webinars
  • Webinars

A basic plan is a good option for those who are looking to get a sales funnel up and running. The basic plan does not give you access to all of the analytics related to your sales funnel’s actual performance.

Platinum Plan

The increase from the basic plan to the premium plan is a $200 jump to $297/month. This is undoubtedly a large price increase. However, the premium ClickFunnels package gives you access to inside analytics. The premium plan allows you to take appropriate action to adjust your funnel based on site traffic.

Some of the features that come with the premium plan are:

  • Smart lists
  • Action funnels
  • Powerful email editor
  • Action scores

An additional feature that also comes with the premium plan is the backpack. The backpack feature on ClickFunnels allows you to smoothly run affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a helpful way to bring in new customers. Affiliates will be used to bring recognition to your product through activities like sponsored advertisements on your affiliate’s site. The affiliate earns a commission for every sale from their sponsorship.

Overall, both plans will help you add effective funnels into your business model. However, if you are willing to pay the price, we recommend choosing the platinum plan over the basic plan.

For businesses still in the early stages, this leveled-up plan will give you the tools to get your business up and running quickly. It is an investment to speed up the process of getting started.

There are also featured add-ons to the packages. For further funnel training, there is an additional resource called “9 Secret Funnels Training.” This addition is a one-time fee and regularly listed at $197, but there is an offer available to receive this for $47.

ClickFunnels Convenience

As mentioned earlier, one of ClickFunnels’ main selling points is its user-friendliness. When looking to take your business to the next level, a funnel can be a great idea. A funnel can also be overwhelming for beginners and hard to know where to start. ClickFunnels streamlines all of the steps into a user-friendly format that guides you along the whole journey.

The tools and strategies highlighted on the ClickFunnels webpage are:

  • Smart shopping cart
  • 1-click upsells
  • Drag and drop web page editor
  • Funnels that convert to sales
  • Dashboard organization
  • Email and marketing automation

With all of these easy-to-use features, you will have much more time to dedicate to more attention-requiring features of your business. The features and ease of ClickFunnels are like having a 100 percent self-directed sales and marketing team. If you think of it like that, going with the platinum plan at $297 a month, you will be saving tons of money instead of outsourcing those job roles.

Not to mention that support is available to you 24/7. So many entrepreneurs work scattered hours. Taking comfort in knowing that when you are working at unconventional hours, that someone from the ClickFunnels customer service team will be able to assist you.

Generate Leads with ClickFunnels

It is easy to get discouraged when you notice your website is getting traffic, but you are having a hard time engaging your visitors. A benefit to a sales funnel, made easier by ClickFunnels, is being able to target where that disconnect is. Even if a sale does not happen the first visit on the webpage, ClickFunnels sets you up to stimulate the customer and put your product in the forefront of their mind.

One of the other amazing functions of ClickFunnels with a presence on their about us page is generating leads. All of the tools that it provides you are mainly set up to perform this function. Any good sales funnel is intended to seamlessly generate new leads.

By even just signing up for ClickFunnels’ 14-day free trial, you can see all of these features in use and watch them begin to generate leads. Once you see how simple ClickFunnel makes it to engage more people, you will be hooked.

Sell Products with ClickFunnels

If you have the passion and drive to start a business, you have a product that you deeply believe in. It can be hard to find a successful outlet to sell to your customers since there are so many ways to market and sell these days. ClickFunnels is your solution.

While there are so many different ways you could go, ClickFunnels offers a method that will work time and time again. The way that ClickFunnels allows you to set up your webpage is through various pre-made templates. These templates are all customizable to fit the aesthetic and appeal of your business. The template then can take visitors step-by-step through the sales process.

Another way to drive up the profit per customer is through upsells. As a ClickFunnels member, you will also have the option to offer 1-click easy upsells. Upselling is a great and relatively easy way to earn more but also add more value to customers’ lives. By adding the option for the upsell on the transaction page, it will be a no-brainer to add it into the cart. Especially if you highlight the great value it is being offered for.

Types of Companies to Benefit

There are different types of funnels for different types of companies. But, at the end of the day, almost any company can and would benefit by using some type of sales funnel. ClickFunnels highlights a few of the types of companies that could consider a sales funnel as a solution are:

  • E-commerce
  • Freelancers and agencies
  • Consulting
  • B2B lead generation
  • Non-profits
  • Network marketing

ClickFunnels offers a quick survey that you can take to help identify what type of sales funnel is right for your business. There are several different types created with the intent to maximize revenues for different types of businesses and organizations.

Success Stories

Just to show how various types of businesses can see success from using ClickFunnels, below are a few success stories from real users.

These success stories are a few of the ones that ClickFunnels highlights on their page.

Natalie Hodson: Info Products

Natalie began her journey with ClickFunnels after creating a blog related to her fitness journey post-pregnancy. After her blog began receiving high amounts of traffic, she was looking for a way to monetize it and take it to the next level.

After discovering ClickFunnels, she has been able to successfully launch multiple e-books, making as much as $20,000 in one day!

Julie Stoian: Freelancer

Julie is a freelance marketer. She discovered ClickFunnels upon request from one of her clients and has not looked back. ClickFunnels has allowed Julie to use the software for her own company that helps people with the marketing of their company using ClickFunnels.

Julie quoted that ClickFunnels is “the best in the world” and raved about how it has allowed her to be more selective with clients.

James P. Friel: B2B

James loves ClickFunnels because it allows him to take things into his own hands. It has taken the stress of having to look to hire a team of people to help and potentially missing the mark on the project.

James had left his corporate job to pursue his B2B firm and found that using ClickFunnels, he was able to create a vision exactly like the one he had in his mind.


There are thousands of positive reviews of ClickFunnels out there. If you enter the software into a quick Google search, you get an abundance of results. The majority of these results are overwhelmingly positive. Being able to look up a product I am interested in and know that there are endless amounts of information about this product available, really speaks to the credibility.

See proof of ClickFunnels success from some of the testimonials from real customers below:

  • 5/5 stars: “This makes online business SO easy.” – Alyssa K., Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • 5/5 stars: “ClickFunnels – a marketing monster for everyone.” – Amelie H., Business Owner
  • 4/5 stars: “Excellent product, continuously improving.” – Gregg H., Business Owner

With reviews being overwhelmingly positive, some of the common themes among the more critical reviews alluded to the learning curve with getting familiar with the software, price, and small technical glitches. The above reviews are all from Capterra users and overall, the website rated ClickFunnels a 4.6/5 star review.

ClickFunnels Review, Conclusion

Through its main features of web design and editing, follow-up strategies, and affiliate marketing, ClickFunnels has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

With so many uses for a wide variety of businesses, entrepreneurs can benefit from signing up to become a member of ClickFunnels. Once you move forward, the next step is deciding what plan you will select. If you want the most benefits, the Platinum Plan has everything and more.

ClickFunnels is a top-of-the-line software. It is stacked with impactful, business-driving features. By becoming a member of ClickFunnels, you too can see what the hype is about and finally see your business take off the way that you have been hoping for.

P.S. If ClickFunnels isn’t quite for you, check out ThriveCart or SamCart instead.

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