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Project 24 Review 2022: Can Income School Teach You to Make A Successful Site?

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Income School is a blog marketing company that teaches individuals how to create a niche website. Income school offers their course, called Project 24, to teach others how to succeed in the blogging industry.

Project 24 is a course from Income School that can teach anyone to create a successful niche site and build their business into a successful passive income.

Read on to learn more about project 24 and how it can help you create a successful internet business. We will discuss Project 24’s course and its structure and how it differs from others on the market.

What is Project 24 From Income School?

Project 24 was launched in 2015 and is a site that details how to build passive income websites. Project 24 has a successful YouTube channel dedicated to building niche sites and teaching others how to do the same. Income school teaches people how to create internet businesses through blogging and YouTube.

Project 24 is Income School’s course to help you build your niche site. Income School owners Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler purchased their domain in 2013. They had previously started over a dozen sites and built their success over time. Their site, Income School, became a podcast that they struggled to get off the ground. They attempted to sell the business but, at the last minute, held off. Income School eventually became a seven-figure business for Jim and Ricky.

The owners focused for a year on building niche sites like Camper Report and Dirt Bike Planet and occasionally made YouTube videos on their Income School channel. Sales started to come slowly, and customers reported that they had found the site from YouTube. Once the two focused on the Income School YouTube channel, sales began to take off.

What Can Project 24 Do For You?

Project 24 can help you monetize your website to provide you with passive income. Passive income is income that requires little or no effort to earn and maintain. Some examples of passive income include:

  • Selling informational products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • App Creation
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Channel Income

These are the examples of passive income that Project 24 can help you with. Project 24 and Income School can help you achieve a passive income with your website or online business by helping you:

  • Monetizing with Ads
  • Website Hosting
  • Use Stock Images
  • Outsource Writing
  • Optimize Email Lists
  • Podcast Set-Up
  • WordPress Plugin

Project 24 by Income School offers an enormous list of courses and resources to help you successfully optimize your business and website to maximize your passive income.

How Project 24 is Different

Project 24 does a few things differently than other courses on the market. The guys at Project 24 preach a somewhat controversial subject when it comes to building successful sites: No Link Building.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to use hyperlinks from your site or blog on their site. Project 24 notes that this process is mostly unnecessary given the effort it takes you. Project 24 notates two reasons for not link building:

  • Link building takes time, and the guys at Project 24 argue that time can be better spent creating quality content that readers will naturally link to regardless of the hyperlink within the site.
  • The second reason that they suggest you don’t build links is that Google’s job is to make it easier for readers to link to the content that is related to what they are looking for. Google essentially takes that job out of your hands by regularly updating its algorithm to get your readers where they want to be.

Income School’s approach may be controversial in this instance, but the fact that they have already built several successful sites is a testament to their process. Not only do they say that they have created successful sites, but they also reveal them to the public, unlike some affiliate marketers. Jim and Rick are also popular on YouTube. They have millions of views and are considered the most popular channel of affiliate marketers on the platform.

Who Project 24 is for (And Not For)

Project 24 and Income School is intended for all walks of life, from beginners in the marketing field to those more advanced that are looking to improve their existing sites. Project 24 is ideal for anyone looking to create an additional source of income, including:

  • Parents
  • Those already retired
  • Beginners in the field
  • Those looking to increase an already existing passive income revenue stream

Though Project 24 is listed as being open to anyone in the industry seeking guidance or looking to improve or create passive revenue, there are some folks that should not look into Project 24.

  • Anyone looking to get rich quick.
    • Project 24 helps you build your business and niche sites over a period of time. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and anyone looking for one should not look into Project 24
  • Anyone looking to make a quick buck or build a business quickly
    • Income School says you can create your business and niche site with minimal time each week, but Project 24 will not give you an immediate wealth of money. It takes work and dedication to build your site and business.

Anyone looking to get rich quickly or put in minimal work is not cut out for Project 24. Project 24 is about putting in the necessary work to build your business into a successful and sustainable operation. Project 24 is very transparent about the work it takes to build your niche site, so you should have no problem gauging the amount of work you will need to put into the program.

How Project 24 Works

The core to Project 24’s training is entitled “The Sixty Steps to a Successful Site.” They say this is the place for those without experience to begin. They can take you from not having a website to earning thousands of dollars within twenty-four months. Once you have signed up for Project 24, you will be able to access the sixty steps.

These steps will guide you through:

  • Niche Picking
  • SEO Education
  • Website Set-up
  • Article Writing and Video Creation
  • Monetizing Your Site

In addition to the Sixty Steps to a Successful Site, Project 24 also offers a timeline to keep you on track. They stress that you should not use the timeline as a measure of success but to keep you on track with the program.

Does Project 24 Work for Those Outside The United States?

Project 24’s website advertises that they have students outside the United States, possibly more than in the US. They have students that want to build successful niche sites and businesses all over the globe.

Project 24 Timeline

The Project 24 timeline is in place to keep you on track. The actions you take to build your business and niche site each day are on you. The timeline states that customers should not worry about income but their actions in the beginning. Project 24 encourages you to take action to build your business each day.

They note that if you don’t see results in six months to a year, reach out to the community provided by Project 24 to ask for advice or feedback. Here is an example of the early portion of the Project 24 Timeline and the actions to take to stay on track:

  • Month 1
    • Start your website and complete steps 1-30 of the 60 steps to building a successful site.
      • Choose your website topic
      • Write ten response posts
      • Finish your site design
      • Build your resource page
    • Month one states that your income will likely be zero, and your website views will likely be the same, but not to be discouraged.
  • Month 6
    • Continue on a publishing routine, publishing ten pieces on your site per month.
      • You should focus on having a monetized site with at least 80 posts.
      • Your income should be around $5
      • Your site should have about 300 views
  • Month 12 (Halfway Through The Program)
    • Continue working on your publishing routine.
      • Ongoing publishing on your YouTube channel and website
      • Growing email list
      • Optimized ad and affiliate monetization
      • 12,000 page views and $264 in income
  • Month 24 (Final Month of Project 24)
    • Continue working on your publishing routine.
      • Ongoing publishing on your YouTube channel and website
      • Growing email list
      • 195 published pieces
      • Optimized ad and affiliate monetization
      • 175,000 page views and $42,828 in income

The Project 24 Timeline continues through the first two years of your website and YouTube channel building. The timeline is built on continuous action and less of focusing on views or income. This method is ideal for building a business and is very effective if you put the work in. The timeline is a suggested timeline of the growth of your business and, as they advertised, is not a guarantee.

Project 24’s Structure

Project 24’s structure is made up of several courses in one. You gain access to all of the courses when you sign up for Project 24. From day one, you will receive:

  • Once you sign up, you will be given a clear set of directions to get started from the confirmation page.
  • You have access to all of Project 24’s content from day 1, including their vlogs, courses, podcasts, and community discussions.
  • Project 24 will walk you through the 60 steps immediately. They will get you started with WordPress and start your publishing routine.

Project 24’s structure will walk you through the process starting from day 1. You will gain access to the community for support and the courses to familiarize yourself with the content. You will have unlimited access to the community for support throughout your 24 months, then for an ongoing fee thereafter.

What is the Cost of Project 24?

The price for Project 24 is transparently listed on the site. Project 24 will cost you $449 for the first year and $199 for each year after. $199 each year will give you continuous access to Income School’s community. The full 24-month course will cost you a total of $648.

To follow the sixty steps, you will also need to spend money on a domain and website hosting, but there are no additional expenses other than that. Again, the transparency offered by Project 24 is one of its best features. There are no hidden fees. Everything it will cost to enter and maintain access to the program’s community is stated on Project 24’s home page.

Is Project 24 Worth the Cost?

Project 24 is different from other courses on the market. They are more transparent in their operation and have successful sites that they have built from the ground up, and they share those sites with you.

Project 24 focuses on taking actions and gives you a step-by-step process to follow to ensure your success in building your business. Project 24 offers you a timeline to hold yourself accountable and give you some reasonable goals and expectations. Project 24 by Income school is worth the amount of money that you will have to pay upfront. If you follow the product and take action, you will recoup that money and so much more over time.

Project 24 Alternative – The Authority Site System

So what is an alternative for Project 24? Well, the main one is The Authority Site System (TASS) by the guys over at Authority Hacker. Both are great courses, but for some TASS will be better. Read our Authority Site System review to see if it’s right for you.

Project 24 Review, Conclusion

Project 24 is Income School’s course to help you build a niche site and create a passive income. Income School is a thriving market affiliate that allows you to monetize your niche site. It is different from other courses on the market. Project 24 is entirely transparent in its process and provides you with a list of its successful sites.

Project 24 is not a get-rich-quick scheme and should not be used by anyone looking to make a large amount of money immediately. It is about building a sustainable business over time and monetizing your niche site to create a sustainable income for you and your family. Project 24 is one of the best courses on the market.

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