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WPX Hosting Review 2022, Best Hosting For Thriving Businesses?

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Are you interested in setting up a website? More specifically, are you looking for a web hosting provider that caters to WordPress sites?

If you are, then we have an excellent option for you to look at. They’re called WPX and they offer affordable WordPress web hosting with lightning-fast load times and top-of-the-line customer support.

Keep reading for a thorough review of the WPX hosting product. We’ve collected all the details on the company, and we’ll give you the whole low-down.

WPX Is an Excellent WordPress Hosting Service

If you are running a business, you, no doubt, either have a website or are planning on building one. When it comes to websites, one of the top providers in the industry is WordPress. WPX is a company designed to manage the task of hosting a WordPress website. As a well-managed WordPress hosting business, WPX is earning a remarkable reputation online.

WPX is affordable, and they don’t sacrifice quality just to shave off a few pennies from their rates. They’ve won a variety of speed tests from reputable review sites online and they have top-notch customer support that responds in almost no time and solves problems almost as quickly.

We’re sure you want more detail than that. So let’s go over the nitty-gritty a piece at a time. First, let’s start with Terry Kyle. He’s the CEO of WPX and he started the company because he was highly dissatisfied with the quality of web hosting sites with which he’d had experience. So, when all else fails, if you can’t find the business you are looking for, invent your own.

His issues included things like the promise of unlimited bandwidth that just fell apart when traffic really picked up, slow servers, lack of effective support that, more often than not, wasn’t available 24/7 and wasn’t very knowledgeable, sparse features with very little flexibility, and, finally, overly complicated admin areas that only hi-tech gurus could understand.

As result of those issues, Terry Kyle decided to start his own business in the industry, a business that would solve such problems, and offer his clients a top-notch product for a reasonable price.

WPX was the result.

What the Reviewers are Saying About WPX

Okay, so now that we know what Terry Kyle and WPX set out to accomplish, let’s see if they accomplished it.

Let’s start by looking at what some of the reviewers are saying.

The WPX Review by Matthew Woodward

First, there is Matthew Woodward, a highly respected independent tester of website hosting products and computer guru located in the UK. He did a case study of WPX and a number of other WordPress web hosting products. What were his results?

WPX won the contest. According to Matthew Woodward WPX was the fastest WordPress webhost scoring faster load times under a wide range of conditions. Additionally, they were not only remarkably affordable, but they had the best support of all the companies he studied.

WPX also outperformed in site migration. They allowed him to move his site and took care of a number of thorny issues a competitor failed to address. And they did so in the remarkably short time of just a couple minutes.

Let’s revisit that speed issue for a moment. According to Woodward, WPX outperformed in speed throughout the entire study. Whether it was image-heavy sites, sites with excessive amounts of plug-ins, websites going through stress tests, or even high-load tests where the site was subjected to 500 visitors at once, WPX consistently ranked in first place.

Equally important, the WPX support team was given a technical problem and they resolved it faster than any of their competitors—in just ten minutes. Finally, they were also among the least expensive three options when it came to price comparisons.

All-in-all, a remarkable performance and victory for WPX.

The WPX Review by Kevin Ohashi

The next reviewer is another well-respected computer professional. It is Kevin Ohashi from ReviewSignal.com, a website dedicated to reviewing webhosting companies. Mr. Ohashi is in the habit of doing WordPress hosting tests on multiple sites on an annual basis. WPX competed in these tests for the years 2019 and 2020.

WPX competed in three different categories that were determined by their hosting price. Unlike Matthew Woodward, Mr. Ohashi doesn’t award a single overall winner. Instead, he groups the best performing hosting companies together and awards them with a rank of “Top Tier.”

For both years in which WPX competed, they made it into the Top Tier for all three categories. That is a remarkable feat and one to be proud of.

Okay, so that’s what some of the well-respected reviewers in this industry think of WPX. Both are highly enthusiastic supporters and for good reason.

What about everyone else? WPX is used by a whole slew of businesses and other website owners. What do they think?

The WPX Score on Trustpilot

A little research shows that WPX scores high marks on review sites like Trustpilot.com. In fact, at the time of this writing, they have an average Trustpilot score of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5. That is quite remarkable and a solid show of support for their whole company.

So, all around, the reviews sound good for WPX. But let’s not leave it there. Let’s dig in and take a look at what makes WPX so special.

The WPX WordPress Web Hosting Features 

WPX offers a number of features to the sites they host that make their company attractive for many reasons. The offer great speed, great malware protection, world-class speedy support, and a host of other goodies. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

WPX Has Great Speed

Speed is a critical component of a webhosting service. We’ve all been there. We follow a link to a site and, for whatever reason, be it too many images, too many plug-ins, or what-have-you, the site just takes forever to load. You sit there and wait … and wait … and wait. What do you do?

At a certain point, you’ll likely hit the back button or hop on to the next site. No one likes waiting for a page to load. Indeed, the death knell of any site occurs when it takes multiple interminable seconds to load. And this doesn’t just waste a potential customer’s time.

This has important financial considerations as well. Sites that load faster rank higher on Google and other search engines, suffer fewer bounces, have higher page views, and produce better conversion rates. This makes site loading times critically important to your business. Poor loading times mean poor business results and a lower ROI.

So, how does WPX fare in this regard? In the Matthew Woodward tests the WPX page load time was only 1.13 seconds when loading a site with an excessive number of images. Similarly, WPX took only 2.25 seconds to load a site that had been loaded up with 30 plugins. Remarkable.

It is also worth pointing out that the WPX site provides a number of resources to help website owners manage their website speeds properly. They have a number of articles written by the WPX CEO Terry Kyle that discuss the various issues revolving around the main testing tools of a website.

They also have an Optimization Team that can help by analyzing your site and providing expert input to help you improve your site’s overall speed.

WPX Has Many Awesome Free Services

WPX offers a number of free services that make their website hosting plans that much more desirable. These run the gamut from free CDN’s, free SSL’s to free daily backups and more. Just take a look!

  • WPX Offers a Free CDN: A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system that delivers content from an original server on the other side of the globe to a much closer mini-server residing in your locality.

This improves loading times because it reduces the need to contact and obtain data from a server located on the other side of the planet every time someone visits your site.

The CDN that WPX built is called the WPX Cloud. Most CDN companies are not hosting companies, but WPX is. This allows them to tweak and test their cloud CDN to help them optimize its performance. This is a tremendous advantage.

Their WPX Cloud has 20 mini-servers located all over the world that together will benefit the security of your site and can more readily handle higher volumes of traffic. And the best part is, you get this service automatically.

WPX designed their own CDN for improved speed optimization, increased flexibility, and ready integration with their platform. And that is not a common feature among most hosting platforms.

  • WPX Offers Free SSL: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol devised to improve security of data transfers online. Without it, online purchases would likely be a lot dicier than they are.

In this day and age, if you want to run a website, particularly a business website, you really need an SSL certificate. It’s not a panacea for Internet malfeasance by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a step in the right direction that will prevent a lot of headaches.

It will help secure the transfer of data between the computer of any one of your visitors and other websites.

Although inexpensive, SSL is said to take a considerable amount of time to install. However, WPX offers an automated service that can install an SSL quite quickly (a minute or so). That’s another feather in the WPX cap.

  • WPX Offers Free Migrations: This is another area in which WPX excels. They offer free migrations to anyone who needs such. And, once they have all the requisite information, they will complete such migrations usually within 24 hours. Every migration done is performed by highly trained expert members of their staff.

Here’s what some of their customers think of it:

The process is reasonably straightforward, as well. First, you need an account with the company. Then, you just send them the details of your current hosting situation by way of a support ticket. Then, you just have to wait. They’ll let you know when they are done.

It saves a lot of hassle on your end and counts as another big plus of the company.

There is one caveat, however. If you want to change the domain name when you are migrating the site, that service is complicated enough that it warrants a financial charge ($98 at the time of this writing).

  • WPX Offers Daily Backups for Free: When you are running a website, there are a lot things that can go wrong: computer crashes, an errant stroke of your fingers, etc… You want to make sure that you don’t lose your work when you are updating your site or if some other inexplicable catastrophe befalls you.

That’s why having backups is a good idea.

WPX hosting offers daily backups as a free service and they keep the backups in a separate server for a full four weeks. That way, if for some reason, your site gets fried and you lose your data, you can load up an older version with remarkable ease and speed. You’ll be back in business in no time.

  • WPX Offers Free Fixes for Sites That Go Offline: Most entrepreneurs are more concerned with the details of their business than they are with the intricate and complicated innerworkings of a computer system or website. And yet, it is not uncommon for a website to go offline for a variety of reasons.

There could be a network issue, a WordPress update, or maybe even a plugin update among other things. What do you do? You certainly don’t have time to go back to school and earn a computer science degree! Don’t worry. WPX can fix your problems for you.

They offer their “Fixed for You Guarantee.” This means that if you have a problem like this, all you have to do is contact their support team by way of live chat. They’ll get to work on getting your site back up and running at no cost.

Now, that is service.

  • WPX Offers Free Hack Clean Ups and Free Malware Scanning: We’ve all been there. Your site is going along fine, then you notice a little twitch, a little bug. Before you know it, your site has crashed and it won’t reload … all because some ethically challenged hacker wanted to implant a virus on your site.

Some hosting sites aren’t very helpful in this regard. They’ll send you to a security plugin and expect you to foot the bill to get your site clean and fixed. Not WPX. They clean malware from their servers every day at no cost to you. That service is included in your plan.

In fact, there is a whole list of security measures that run 24/7 on sites hosted by WPX. These run the gamut from a custom-built Web Application Firewall that is constantly being updated to system-wide malware scans performed every day.

And if they find anything, they do system-wide malicious file removal and malware removal, also, performed every day as needed.

And the good news is that they have skills and expertise to do such things–like remove infections—without harming your website. Not every WordPress web hosting company can make that claim. WPX can.

WPX Has Excellent Support Services

Another area in which WPX excels is in their support services. A number of reviewers have given them an enthusiastic two thumbs up. Matthew Woodward, for example, put their services to the test by designing an issue for his site and then contacting WPX Support to see how they dealt with it.

He wanted to measure the speed with which they responded and whether or not they could fix the problem. WPX passed with flying colors beating out all their competition. They responded nearly immediately, and they fixed the problem in a blazing-fast ten minutes.

The key to WPX’s incredible support services is their live chat program. They built their support system entirely around their live chat so that could offer lightning-fast response times to most issues. Further, the system is designed to funnel each request to the particular staff most able to handle it. That makes their support services more timely, more efficient, and just plain better.

On average WPX support responds to inquiries over live chat in thirty seconds or less. Truly impressive.

WPS Has Impressive DDoS Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a particular kind of cyber-attack mounted by multiple machines that, working in tandem, try to overwhelm and take down a particular system or service like a website. They pose a serious problem when they occur.

WPX provides DDoS protection at the Enterprise-level at no charge to all their hosting customers. The service is offered through Incapsula a leader in that particular industry with a stellar record.

Normally, Incapsula costs a few hundred bucks a month for every website protected, but at WPX you get their service for free. That is a tremendous plus for your site when you get an account with WPX.

WPX Has a Great Staging Area

Another remarkable feature that WPX offers is their staging area. A staging area is, basically, a controlled computer environment that allows you to test out changes to your website, be it new snippets of code, a redesigned web page, or what-have-you. As a result, you can tweak around the edges and dabble a little bit here and there without the risk of developing errors on your site.

Basically, you thoroughly test all the new features you are planning for your site and then, when you are satisfied, you can update your site and implement those new features. It’s quick. It’s clean. It’s easy.

What makes WPX special in this regard is that they have included functionality that allows you to merge the staging area you just spent hours (if not days) developing with your live site. This saves you the work of implementing the new changes manually when you decide they are ready for your site. As a result, it saves you an inordinate amount of time.

Drawbacks to WPX

So, now that we’ve gone over all the positive features and other good stuff that WPX offers, let’s cover the areas where they fall short. There aren’t many, and, in fact, what there is is largely subjective. But for some people, these could be significant issues.

At the time of this writing, we are aware of two potential problem areas for the WPX hosting services: lack of phone support, and a deficiency in email hosting.

  • Lack of Phone Support: One small issue that WPX falls short in is their complete lack of phone support. This was done intentionally on their part so that they could focus on their live chat support system. As we mentioned previously, they have an excellent live chat support system, but they developed it at the expense of a phone support system.

As we said, this is a subjective “issue.”

Many sites these days do not offer phone support, so WPX is hardly a stand-alone in this regard particularly since our society is becoming more and more Internet based as time goes on. Still, sometimes it really is just nice to be able to talk to a live person over a phone line, rather than typing everything through a keyboard.

Regardless, as we said, they do have an average response time of 30 seconds for their live chat system and a response time of only five minutes when you submit a ticket. In light of that, they really don’t need a phone support system. But it would have been a nice extra.

  • A Deficiency in Email Hosting: While researching WPX, we did stumble across a complaint that their email hosting wasn’t quite up to snuff. Of course, that was just one individual out of many. Likewise, it isn’t really a big issue as you can always use another service for your email. Setting up an email account isn’t difficult and is usually free.

You have a lot of options to choose from: Google, Yahoo, and a host of others. So, we find it unlikely that this would drive too many prospective WPX clients away.

So, those are the problem areas. As you can see, neither issue seems like a dealbreaker. But, as we said, they involve subjective judgments. Some people may take greater issue with them than others. Others may not.

WPX Alternatives

While WPX hosting is a great choice, there are a few alternatives if you want to look around. For example Kinsta, which has been compared to WPX here.

There’s also WP Engine and BlueHost, WP Engine being the most comparable to WPX out of the two.

WPX Supports Homeless Dogs and Their Care

Any review or discussion of WPX Hosting would be remiss, if it didn’t at least mention the initiatives the company has taken to shelter and care for homeless dogs. Yes, we know it has nothing to do with their business services per se, but it is a great social cause to support and we are glad they do.

For example, one project WPX Hosting has going is called “Every Dog Matters.” This project shelters dogs in large-area no-cage dog shelters.

The wide-open spaces allow the animals room to run and socialize with each other. They spend endless hours playing and frolicking like dogs are wont to do. It’s great for the animals’ physical as well as mental health. The dogs are happier and better adjusted as a result.

The staff still manage to take the animals on daily walks through the surrounding farmlands and such. They also feed and take care of the animals, seeing to their veterinary needs.

Just to give you an idea, one of their dog sanctuaries is located in Bulgaria and has a footprint that measures 25,000 meters square. It consists of multiple yards of varying sizes that range from 400 meters square to 2400 meters square.

This provides a far better living environment than most other dog shelters that often have tiny cages for the animals and little room for them to play in. In fact, in most other shelters, the dogs are too frustrated and depressed to play at all. Not so, here.

WPX is also developing similar projects for cats and also have plans in the works for other animals like horses and donkeys.

So, if you want to find an easy way to support dogs and other animals while you are running your WordPress website on a top-notch hosting company, take a good look at WPX.

WPX Hosting Review, Conclusion

So, that’s the skinny on the WPX hosting service. It’s a great WordPress web hosting company with a whole slew of features ranging from blazing speeds to free SSL certificates to free Malware scanning and removal and much, much more. Not only do they deliver a remarkable service, they take care of dogs and other animals as well. You can’t beat that!

In our view, they are on their way to becoming a truly formidable force in the WordPress web hosting industry and make an all-around excellent choice for a WordPress hosting service.

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